we are six°north
born from a passion
for belgian beer

We were born from a passion for Belgian Beer

Belgian Beer is widely recognised as the pinnacle of the brewing process and we have embraced the Belgian Style. Adopting traditions and processes whilst developing and pushing boundaries to supply the growing appetite for craft/artisan beers.

We are Brewing in North East Scotland, six°north of Brussels. Blessed with pure, soft water and fields abound with high quality barley.

We won’t tamper with nature’s intent. All our beers are unfiltered and carbonated naturally through secondary fermentation.

We love Beer too. These processes provide the aspirational drinker with a live, full and uncompromising experience that will continually evolve.

We are six°north.

Six Degrees North Brewery Six Degrees North Brewery Six Degrees North Brewery Six Degrees North Brewery

We Brew Beer that is wonderfully balanced

Embracing all facets of the brewing process and base materials. With refinement. Without fuss. In gentlemanly fashion. We encapsulate Beer culture through our Brewery, Venues and Consumers.

Aspiring to maximize our product quality by brewing well balanced beers served in the best venues and consumed by all whom love to imbibe. We will passionately provide choice.

Whilst engaging our consumer and employees to life’s simple pleasures and to the beer world around us. We don’t filter anything.

From our beer, style, drinkers and venues. Everything is as it comes.

We want you to discover this for yourself.

We are six°north.

Six Degrees North Ethos

artisan |ˈärtizən (noun)

"a worker in a skilled trade who manufactures by hand imparting unique and individual qualities to artisanal products"
Beer. Multi-cultural. Multi-national. Multi-stories.

We did it again…

Scotland’s biggest summer beer festival raises £27,500 for charity!

Thanks to the record-breaking 5,300 visitors to the three-day festival, held at the weekend in the town’s Baird Park, the Stonehaven fundraising group for Guide Dogs for the Blind, the Stonehaven Sea Cadets and Stonehaven Tennis Club will each receive £8,000.

In addition, Pillar Kincardine, a charity which helps promote mental health, will receive £2,000 and Stonehaven and District Lions Club and Mackie Academy FP Rugby Club will receive £750 each.

Robert Lindsay, organiser of the Happening, said: “We are delighted to be able to give each of these groups a boost for the fantastic work they do in our community.”

“That we are able to help them is all down to the people who supported the Midsummer Beer Happening, from those who came along to the army of volunteers who helped make it happen to our generous sponsors.”

“We are delighted that 5,300 people flooded into our purpose-built marquee over the three days. That is a record-breaking number of visitors for the Happening, which has now been running for three years.”

“We were blessed with beautiful summer weather… which probably helped our visitors drink the event dry by Saturday evening.”

Stonehaven Midsummer Beer Happening

“It was great to watch so many people having such a good time, enjoying fantastic beers, eating great food and being entertained by superb music in what was essentially a three-day party.”

“It was a fantastic weekend that I’m sure will have left many people with great memories.”

The Happening was about more than just beer, food and music – it also had a hugely successful cycling sportive attached, which attracted more than 600 riders. It offered three routes, the Undo at 52 miles, the Redo at 70 miles and the Dinnaedo at 100 miles – all of them with some challenging hill climbs thrown in, including the Cairn O’ Mount.

Robert said: “We were staggered by the flood of entries, especially to the Dinnaedo which has to be one of the toughest cycling routes offered in the UK. It’s unique for a beer festival to have a cycling event attached and the Happening’s sportive has taken on cult status in the cycling community."

“Everyone involved is so proud that it is viewed as an outstanding event in the North-east’s calendar attracting people from across the country – and further afield – to the event every year.””

CONTACT: Robert Lindsay at 07840 678243 or at



Whether it's a keg, cask or bottle - If you’re a pub, bar, hotel, restaurant or off-licence and are interested in stocking our beer, we’d love to hear from you.

Also if you’re based overseas and are interested in importing our beers, then please get in touch.

To find out more about stocking our beer please contact our trade team on 07840 678243 or fill in the form below:

Six Degrees North Brewery

We believe our venues should match the quality of our Beer

Imbibition of our Beer at one of our venues won't find you the 'pursuit of happiness', but it'll be damn close!

We need to interact with the customer. Our passion for brewing goes far beyond a bottle sitting on the shelf.

We want to directly share your experience, first hand. For us, this is what it is all about. Beer is culture.

We believe you don’t buy beer, you own it
We are six°north.

Six Degrees North Brewery Six Degrees North Brewery Six Degrees North Brewery Six Degrees North Brewery Six Degrees North Brewery Six Degrees North Brewery Six Degrees North Brewery Six Degrees North Brewery Six Degrees North Brewery Six Degrees North Brewery Six Degrees North Brewery

We are the Belgian Beer Bar in Aberdeen

In a short time we have become a mecca for craft beer enthusiasts and created a few too.

We want to create an atmosphere to suit our beers. With a stripped back and stylish interior, six°north aberdeen presents an environment for the beers and staff to do the talking. Table service is as standard and with over 350 beers on Tap and Bottle, we encourage a dialogue between staff and other customers alike to promote recommendation.

We don’t just do Beer. Combined with our comprehensive and diverse beer range, we offer a selection of snacks and simple fayre alongside premium spirits, personally selected wines and soft drinks.

We are more than just Beer. With custom made/designed glasses and a private tasting room, we offer tutored tastings, bar reservation sections for special occasions and periodically showcase particular breweries and styles.

We were 1 of the 46 Bars chosen for Cantillon’s Zwanze Day. Cantillon are one of Belgium’s, and the world’s most renowned breweries. Every year they release a specially produced beer which can only be served on September 14th and in specific bars.

We want our bar to match our beers.
We are six˚north aberdeen

Six Degrees North Grant Henderson

Grant “Captain Haddie” Henderson

A Protégé of six°north’s management training program. Affable, cheery and relaxed with an encyclopedic knowledge of Belgian Beer attained over the years and a passion for all things sour, “Captain Haddie” is the safest pair of hands to have at the Helm!

Six Degrees North Brewery Six Degrees North Brewery Six Degrees North Brewery Six Degrees North Brewery Six Degrees North Brewery Six Degrees North Brewery Six Degrees North Brewery Six Degrees North Brewery
Six Degrees North Map

6 Littlejohn Street
Aberdeen, AB10 1FF


Our second venue brings six°north favourites, Belgian classics and the UK's finest beers to Glasgow, accompanied by our ‘Petits Plats de Cuisine a la Bière Belgique’.

Join us at your convivial new local to imbibe with friend…

New tastes – old fashioned service

Glasgow is our journey west. A vibrant city with a burgeoning beer scene, it would be impossible to bypass Scotland’s often hidden gem of a city – and we wouldn’t want to.

Offering a fine selection of beers, over 30 taps will play host to our own delights alongside Scotland’s emerging greats, top brews from across the UK and, of course, a big focus on the brewing capital of the world, Belgium.

Not stopping there though, we will have bottle list upwards of 100 strong as well as an ample selection of spirits so even the most discernible drinker will be spoilt for choice.

Again our ‘Petits Plats de Cuisine a la Bière Belgique’ make an appearance, with the chefs putting their own local twist on the menu.

It's said that the people of the city make Glasgow, we are happy to say that the people of city also make this bar.

Six Degrees North Brewery Six Degrees North Brewery Six Degrees North Brewery Six Degrees North Brewery Six Degrees North Brewery
Six Degrees North Map

566 Dumbarton Road
Glasgow, G11 6RH


EDINBURGH IS NOW OPEN AS OF 1ST SEPTEMBER 2016 - 24 HOWE STREET ... on your way to and from Stockbridge, only a 5 minute walk, infact you might not even get there and returning could be an even bigger problem!!!!

Join us at your convivial new local to imbibe with friends…

New tastes – old fashioned service

Edinburgh is our venture into the capital. Split over two levels, it is the bar that keeps giving.

Our biggest draught selection, boasting 40 taps upstairs allowing for an impressive range of beers, but we don’t stop there. An enviable selection of top class spirits are showcased on the impressive gantry. Add to that a selection of beer and classic cocktails prepared by our resident experts and you are almost set.

Take yourself ‘one°below’ and discover our bottle cellar, full of Belgian gems of old and new. Spend an afternoon there and you will barely scratch the surface. Then there is the food, or ‘Petits Plats de Cuisine a la Bière Belgique’ if you will. A tapas style menu aimed to combine elements of the fantastic flavours of Belgian food with a local twist.

We still offer private room hire at one°below, along with beer/food matching dinners and tutored tastings.

It is not just a beer bar, it is a great bar, your great bar.

Six Degrees North Edinburgh Six Degrees North Edinburgh
map icon

24 Howe Street
Edinburgh, EH2 6TG

We are Food, Accommodation
& Beer

Stunning harbour views, a four star restaurant with rooms, an excellent bar and lounge and also six°north’s brewery tap.

We are local and accessible. Only 20 minutes from Aberdeen the Marine is a popular destination for locals, beer enthusiasts, tourists and the wider community of Aberdeen and Shire. The cuisine is superb reflecting local game and seafood.

We also love Beer. With the Brewery situated only 144 steps from the back door we always have 4 of the beers on draught while maintaining 5 guest ales, some old favourites and over 170 Belgian beers in bottle.

We are also not just about the Beer. We believe that all your tastes should be catered for and so we do not just focus on beer and food. An accomplished wine selection is available with an extensive range of quality whiskies. Our rooms are some of the best in Scotland offering excellent value and facilities with outstanding views. We aim to give our long and short term visitors all the conveniences they require.

We are something a little different.
We are six°north @ The Marine Hotel


Six Degrees North Matthew Bennet

Matthew“Old Man”Bennet

Another protégé of the six°north management training program, Matt is a Graduate of Edinburgh University in Zoology and a very keen Golfer. Matt’s passions lie firmly in the food and restaurant whilst being an extremely safe pair of hands in the kitchen too. Matt too has a vast knowledge of Beer and is partial to anything Gueze related. The “Old man” can be seen of a morning, shuffling around in his Uggs, catching up on his paperwork!

Six Degrees North Brewery Six Degrees North Brewery Six Degrees North Brewery Six Degrees North Brewery Six Degrees North Brewery Six Degrees North Brewery Six Degrees North Brewery Six Degrees North Brewery
map icon

Shorehead, Stonehaven
Aberdeenshire, AB39 2JY


We want to bring our passion for Belgian Beer to other parts of the UK and we’d like your help doing it, after all, who knows your home town or city better than you? If you know of available licensed premises in your area, and want the six°north experience on your doorstep, then we want to hear from you.

Send us a quick email with any information you can get your hands on, including Google Street View link if possible and if we go with your suggestion… we’ll make it worth your while.

Email details to brewbob@sixdnorth.co.uk

Find us a location

Bière de Table

Our cheeky little Table Beer which punches above its weight! Good with dinner, good with lunch and dare we say it.....good with breakfast!

1 of 10

Six Degrees North - Bière de Table

Wonderfully light and balanced beer with bright citrus notes and a refreshing, grippy and food friendly palate.

A wonderfully light and balanced drop with lemon and lime sherbet hints along with soft malty popcorn aromas. The palate hits with bright citrus notes and a grippy, refreshing, floral finish. Although only a cheeky ‘table beer’ it still show a nice hoppy character which could be great with asparagus, hollandaise and poached eggs.

Wanderlust Wheat

Balanced, fragrant, juicy, good finish, pair with Gouda/Soup. Seafood mousse and goats cheese.

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Six Degrees North - Wanderlust Wheat

Typically cloudy and whiter like a good wheat beer should be.

Lustful creamy aromas bounce around with orange citrus, coriander seed, barley sugar and macadamia nut. The palate is balanced, refreshing and carries on where the nose leaves off. A good match with goats cheese and caramelised onions. Also this is Wally’s favourite!

Four Saisons

As the name suggests a six°north beer for all occasions! Especially when you’ve got a thirst on! Clean aromas of rich lime, lemon and walnut move to a super fresh palate of juicy fruit, lime pastille and floral hints.

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Six Degrees North - Four Saisons

As the name suggests a beer for all occasions! Especially when you’ve got a thirst on!

Clean aromas of rich lime, lemon and walnut move to a super fresh palate of juicy fruit, lime pastille and floral hints. A belter of a beer in a balanced and refreshing style originally made for the farm workers in the summer heat. Saison and a light Thai curry....done!

Hop Classic

If you want Hops...we got it! Full-flavoured, hoppy, refreshing and balanced on the palate. The bitterness is well integrated in true Belgian style with a pleasant kick at the end.

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Six Degrees North - Hop Classic

If you want Hops...we got it! Easily BrewBob’s fave.

Dried apricot, sweet butter scotch, bitter citrus and pistachio aromas. Full-flavoured, hoppy, refreshing and balanced on the palate. The bitterness is well integrated in true Belgian style with a pleasant kick at the end. We’d pair with baked fish, tapenade and pearl barley risotto.

Chopper Stout

Richer, intense but restrained creaminess. Sit well with carbonade or sugary biscuits. Venison/Game with wild berry jus

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Six Degrees North - Chopper Stout

Taking its name from Brendan “Chopper” Dennet (one of holy triumbrant of six°north brewers) this dark, rich coffee coloured stout is a real treat!

With a bountiful nose of chocolate, coffee, treacle/caramel and well integrated maltiness, this is one for the lovers of darker beer. The palate is rich and concentrated without being overly intense, with flavours of sultanas and bourbon biccies! Serve with traditional Belgian Carbonade or Venison & wild berry jus.


The Scots took this style to Belgium on their travels during the world wars. Some may say that the Belgian's refined Scotch...but we've reclaimed it!

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Six Degrees North - Scotch

Rich and dark in appearance with a bright brown/amber rim. The nose is oozing with treacle, demerara sugar, chocolate and coffee with softer aromas of stewed apple, sweet BBQ sauce and a dark cherry/kirsch edge.

The palate is concentrated without being too heavy with a Kola Kube and sweet spice prickle, added to a comforting dark chocolate/espresso bitterness and a finish of raisin and prune. Great representa- tion of the style with good solid colour, rich aromas and bold flavour. Ideally drank a little warmer. Pair with sticky toffee pudding.

Jiang Shi

So I know you're all wondering...Jiang Shi??? Well this translated can only be described as a 'Hopping Zombie'!

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Six Degrees North - Jiang Shi

Not to say that when you have this fine 6˚N libation you will be transferred into the undead!!...no no perish the thought!! Shi contains the souls of many hop vines, help them escape to a new life!

A rich nose with wheaty, yeasty and hoppy characters mingling with full-on mango and passion fruit. Added to that comes a kick of honeycomb, banana and a touch of sourness. The palate is sweet, very soft and delicate with an apple and tropical fruit 'bite', superbly balanced bitterness and the heat of ginger spice on the finish. This belter of a Belgian Double IPA simply 'raises' the bar in its style. Great with a Green Thai Curry.


The baby brother, Belgian hopped blonde, brewed from the bigger brother, HopClassic. Say that after a few!

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Six Degrees North - Hopocrisy

A benchmark intro to the six ̊north range, bread from its bigger brother, HopClassic.

Super fresh hoppy aromas and a touch of madeira cake sweetness mingle with apricot and apples. The palate is mouth-watering and balanced with a floral and very moreish hopped finish. Best to pair with a glass!


Bold, brash and unashamedly strong! Almost a love it or hate it....we love it!

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Six Degrees North - Tripel

Bright and clear, orangey/red appearance with a wonderfully creamy head.

Big aromas of candyfloss, banana, apricot mingle with rounded, rich fruit cake. The palate is bursting with more of the same combined with a special heat and spice. Tripel Tastic!!

Honey Bee Good

And boy is she!! We’ve used local heather honey here to re-create another Belgian style. Not sweet but subtle, refreshing and rich.

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Six Degrees North - Honey Bee Good

A cracking style of beer made with heather honey local to the brewery. Expectation suggests it’ll be sweet and overpowering with bee juice but no!

The honey is there to act as a supporting act to what is a great style of beer. The aromas are a mix of mango and citrus pith along with a touch of malty sweetness. Flavours of honey come through on the mid-palate alongside a slightly toasty element. The finish has a clean, refreshing bitterness for a weighty beer. We’d pair with a venison burger, crispy bacon and a sweet brioche bun!