PELOTON: the main field or group of cyclists in a race.

PELOTON is relative newcomer to our core range, yet it has already established itself as one of our most popular beers. A classic Pilsner, brewed to style.

Crisp with a noble bitterness. Produced using Scottish Pilsner malt, German hops and time. Refreshing, floral and eminently drinkable.

PAIR WITH: spicy food / curry

TASTING NOTES: clean, lemon zest, grass, floral

ABV: 5.1% SERVING TEMP: 6°C MALT: Pils HOPS: Saaz / Tettnang YEAST: Pilsner yeast BODY: Light IBU: 27 OG: 1048 FG: 1009

12 x 330ml

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