This month we’re showcasing Cromarty Brewing Co on our residency tap! The Highland brewing bosses have been making flavourful beers since 2011. We’re super pleased to have them on our taps for one whole month! We had a chat with Howard from Cromarty recently...

Can you give us some background on Cromarty for our customers who might not be familiar with your brewery?

The Cromarty Brewing Co is a family run business consisting of Craig, Chap and Jenni Middleton. Craig, our fanatical brewer studied the science of brewing at Heriot Watt University and the art of beer making in the student accommodation and flat basements. After finishing the course with a 1st class degree he went on to do some work in various breweries to gain valuable experience. It was during this time that he decided he wanted to get his own beers to market.

You've been turning out great beers from the Highlands for the past eight've probably noticed a reasonable shift in the beer landscape / demand for craft beer in that time?!

For sure! Various beer styles have gone in and out of popularity over the years. A changing trend towards packaging into can has also happened massively – we are due to start with cans any day now! Cask beer has always been popular for us, although our keg sales have risen steadily over the years as we see certain customers moving towards keg.

Which new Cromarty release are you particularly excited about?

We’re excited to see how our beers go in the cans. We’ve been improving our process also, so we hope to increase the quality of our output another notch! We have some stuff that’s been sitting in barrels and is due to come out for packaging, like our next Anniversary beer, VIII – so that’s exciting.

What would be your desert island beer and why?

Other than Cromarty...very hard to narrow down to one, but to name a few; The Bruery’s Tart of Darkness for its complex intertwining of dark and sour, Firestone Walker’s Stickee Monkey for pure indulgence and Augustiner Helles to quench the thirst beautifully!

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