Foraged & Found 2018

Foraged & Found is a series that pays tribute to our love for the natural environment and the wonders it affords us.

Our Foraged & Found series is back again this year following the success of the inaugural release in 2017. This year we have again teamed up with three breweries to make three different beers, each showcasing foraged ingredients. This years collaborating breweries are Burning Sky, Burnt Mill and BFM. Three magnificent brewers, each producing outstanding beers.

All three of the beers are distinctly different and they take something from each brewery involved. It is very important to reflect each other, our journey and the raw materials in each product, and we feel we have achieved this with Foraged & Found.

We really enjoyed making these beers and forming friendships that we hope to continue in years to come. We hope you enjoy drinking them!


Burning Sky are a brewery whom we have wanted to work with for some time. Mark and his team make some truly wonderful beers, some of the best in the UK! So it was a real privilege to make a beer together and to form the start of a great friendship. Mark came up to brew with us back in March. We decided on a mixed fermentation Saison, with 28kg of Sea Buckthorn that we foraged locally to brewery in Stonehaven a few days prior to the brew.

We fermented the beer with a mix of Burning Sky’s wild yeast cultures (brett/saison) with late additions of caraway, pink peppercorns and grains of paradise bringing some spice into the equation. Sea Buckthorn was chosen for it's tart acidity...we had been looking to brew with it for some time and the Burning Sky collab was the perfect opportunity! The sourness of the Sea Buckthorn is well-balanced by the earthy character of the wild yeasts.

MALTS: Pils, Vienna & Spelt HOPS: Savinjski Goldings, Saaz ADJUNCTS: Caraway, Pink Peppercorns, Grains of Paradise & Sea Buckthorn ABV: 5.0%

RELEASE DATE: Thursday 2nd August* at the following bars: six°north Aberdeen, The Marine Hotel, Stonehaven, six°north Edinburgh, six°north Glasgow


Burnt Mill are a smart wee brewery from Suffolk. We've been fans of their beers since they started brewing last year, so we jumped at the chance to make a beer together! We decided on a Spruce Saison prior to the brewday. 

Charles & Sophie from Burnt Mill travelled up and helped us forage the spruce tips from fields next to our brewery. We then steeped the tips overnight in the brewing water, which were mashed with Pils, Vienna and Wheat malts. The resulting wart was whirlpooled with Relax hops and fermented with our house Saison yeast strain. This beer offers complex floral aromas; the palate reveals notes of clementine peel bitterness, finishing with a mouth puckering dryness.

MALTS: Pils, Vienna & Torrified Wheat HOPS: Saaz & Relax ADJUNCTS: Spruce ABV: 5.2%

RELEASE DATE: Thursday 16th August* at the following bars: six°north Aberdeen, The Marine Hotel, Stonehaven, six°north Edinburgh, six°north Glasgow


BFM is an artisanal brewery from Saignelégier, Switzerland who are well known for producing outstanding barrel aged beers and sours. We've had a great admiration for their beers for a long time, so we were delighted to welcome BFM founder Jérôme up to the brewery to make a beer together at the end of May. 

After some back and forth with Jérôme, we chose to brew a Berliner Weisse with Hysope and green Anise foraged in Switzerland. We usually use ingredients sourced locally near our brewery for the Foraged & Found range...but we chose to change it up for this brew. Instead using ingredients foraged locally near BFM's brewery. Seeing as the herbs took up little room, Jérôme packed them into his suitcase for the trip over to Scotland...thus reducing our carbon spice print...if you will.

The resulting beer is a complex yet refreshing Berliner Weisse. Tart liquorice and pepper notes are tempered by a lemon-citric fruit sharpness. Light, effervescent and eminently drinkable. 

MALTS: Pils, Pale Ale, Torrified Wheat HOPS: Saaz ADJUNCTS: Armoise, Sarawak Pepper, Anis Vert, Hysope, Lemon Peel ABV: 4.8%

RELEASE DATE: Thursday 30th August* at the following bars: six°north Aberdeen, The Marine Hotel, Stonehaven, six°north Edinburgh, six°north Glasgow

* keg only release. We will be releasing ltd edition 750ml bottles of the Foraged & Found series on Thursday 13th September. 

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