six°north x Manchester

We were down in Manchester this week to brew two collaborations with Cloudwater/Burning Sky and Track. It’s always a pleasure for us to brew with such talented brewers and catch up with friends. Manchester has a very warm place in our hearts…there’s so much quality and creativity pouring out of every corner of the city!


We arrived at Cloudwater’s place on Monday morning, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, all set for a great brew day! We caught up with Paul, Mark & co and took a look around their most excellent brewing facility before finalising the recipe for the beer before we mashed in.

We decided to brew a low ABV Grisette utilising the six°north saison culture and heaps of spices. Coriander seeds, chamomile flowers, black pepper & grains of paradise (pictured below) all went into the whirlpool.⁣ The beer will be available fresh at the Friends & Family & Beer festival in Manchester this March. Some of the beer will be headed for oak to see how it develops over time. This is the second collab we’ve brewed with Cloudwater & Burning Sky. We released Mouteka Tripel in 2016 with CW and Seabuckthorn Saison with BS in 2018.

Huge thanks to the lovely folks at Cloudwater for their warm hospitality!



On Wednesday we headed round the corner to our buddies over at Track to brew a special beer together. Track have been knocking out some superb beers over the past few years and they deserve every bit of praise that they get!

We decided to brew a Double Wheat - lots of fresh fruit, spices and a liberal dose of hops! This is the eagerly anticipated follow up to 2017's smash hit Velodrome collaboration.

The beer is due for release in March.

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