New release: OMNIUM - Session IPA [out now]


‘Since time immemorial (2013) six°north have been committed to making the classic styles in the north east of Scotland. Founder Robert Lindsay’s passion for beer came from his time living near Brussels, and learning to brew with his mentor, Ronnie. As with all passions, and palates, this has evolved.

Over the past two years we have been privileged enough to make beers with some of the best contemporary brewers in Europe; Cloudwater, Magic Rock, Beerbliotek, Basqueland, Burning Sky and North Brewing, to name five from a list of 15 plus. Collaborations are purposeful. We not only (hopefully) make new friends but it allows us to learn from our peers. To discuss techniques, to share experiences and to develop our skills. We know it might look a bit of a day out, but there are real tangible benefits from working with other brewers, and most certainly those who excel in different styles to ourselves.

As Robert’s passion has evolved (not to too great an extent, Westmalle Triple is still his favourite beer) he’s found himself drinking sub 5% pale ales…and enjoying them! The result is that six°north are embarking on something of a new journey; a deviation from the path. We’re on the road to IPA town!

We believe we make great beer, we allow our beers time to mature, to become their very best and now we have the knowledge and techniques we’ve learned from our brewing friends to develop a new three beer range of pale ales and IPAs. All three will be a Belgium free zone in terms of ingredients, but made with the same care, attention and patience we devote to all of our beers.

Many of our peers make excellent contemporary beer, we wanted a challenge, to see if we could hit the mark and if we could we would give our customers even more choice! Our range is already extensive; we make a Pils, Wit, Stout, Tripel, Quad, Triple Hop, Belgian IPA, Saison(s) and many more. What was missing has now been added.

Enter OMNIUM (named after a track race in cycling). This is our new 4.3% session IPA, and the first in the new triumvirate of beers. It could not be further removed from the classic styles our customers have come to expect, but it follows neatly in their footsteps, and is just as expertly designed & produced. A light malt backbone with a generous helping of Citra, Mosaic, Amarillo and Simcoe. We hope fans of our beers will embrace this in the same way.

In Robert’s mind there was only one place we could possibly choose to launch Omnium, and that’s at Scotland’s most remote bar & restaurant. The Old Forge in Inverie, Knoydart, this Saturday at 6pm.

All roads lead somewhere but we could not have anticipated the light speed at which brewing tastes and cultures would evolve. So we chose our launch location where no roads end, nor begin. we are just part of the journey. It is also fitting that Scotland's most remote pub has been managed for the last six years by Jean Piere who, coincidentally, is from the Ardennes in Belgium.

A full Omnium release will follow at Edinburgh Craft Beer Festival on Friday 28th May. The beer will be available from our bars and usual outlets shortly afterwards.

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