Throughout July our bars will be showcasing Tiny Rebel on our residency tap! The Welsh brewing wizards have made their name creating bold, full-flavoured beers! We’re super excited to have them on our taps for a whole month!

We spoke to Tiny Rebel founder Bradley about the importance of their local community and boozy Lilt…

In just 7 years Tiny Rebel have gone from two guys in a garage to over 125 employees with a host of bars and a hugely impressive brewery site! What will the next 10 years look like for TR?

Our aim is to become one of the leading drink & consumer brands within the UK.

Your output in recent years has been nothing short of prolific. Is it difficult thinking up all of the weird and wonderful beers and names? Or do the ideas flow freely?

We've got a very creative team of people around us, between both the brewery and bars, so we're never short of inspiration!

How important has your local community of South Wales been in the success of the Tiny Rebel brand?

Every day we're overwhelmed by the support that we get from our fans across South Wales, especially in Newport, and that support has definitely helped us get to where we are today

What would be your Tiny Rebel desert island beer and why?

Clwb Tropicana! Because it's the only beer that you need when you're in the sun, on a beach surrounded by water.

You can't move for New England IPAs right now...but what do you think the next big beer trend will be?

Sessions or fruit based beers. We've seen a huge success with both of these styles over the past 12 months and it isn't slowing down.

True or false...Clwb Tropicana is, in actual fact, fruit salad in liquid form?!

It's more like Lilt in alcohol form :)

The Tiny Rebel residency tap launches on 1st July in six°north bars.

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