We have an EXCITING opportunity in our team for a brand ambassador, leading our brand development in the central belt of Scotland and northern England. Preferably based in Edinburgh or Glasgow (or somewhere in between) the role will require you to work closely with our distribution partners to provide a direct brewery connection to our retail customers.

Your job will be to build stronger bonds with our existing customer base and develop further relationships, working in tandem with our distribution partners respective sales teams. You will be expected to organise and run events in bars, retail outlets, and participate in our attendance of festivals and showcase events around Scotland, the UK and Europe.

You will also be required to communicate all marketing, promo material and new product details to the 6DN customer base, including our distribution partners.

You will be the following:

  • Passionate - this doesn’t have to be passionate about beer, we can teach you that, but we can’t teach you to be naturally outgoing, passionate about life and enthusiastic about the future.

  • Organised - The role will require considerable periods of remote working. Although you will effectively be part of an external team as part of the relationship development aspect of the role, you will be responsible for your own time management.

  • Diligent - This role requires a person who can look at the fine details, as well as the bigger picture. Someone who can identify a good opportunity, and also a bad one.

  • Pro-active - The world won’t come to you. We operate in a crowded market with significant competition for bar and shelf space. This role requires someone who will be active in helping us build the six°north brand.

If you HAVE one or more of the following, all the better, although not essential:

  • Knowledge of the UK beer market

  • Experience of working within the UK beer market

  • A network of relationships within the UK beer market

  • Previous experience in either hospitality or sales (in any sector)

  • A good knowledge of/interest in, specialist beer

  • A personal license

  • A bike and like riding it

What we offer:

  • Support to develop the role and further your own knowledge, experience and relationship base

  • A people focussed company

  • Discounts on merchandise and in our bars

This job description is deliberately loose in its requirements, as we feel it’s more important to employ the right person rather than the right CV. The salary is entirely negotiable and will be based on experience and suitability for the role. If you think you would excel in this role, or if you already know you will, we’d like to hear from you.

We are about to embark on the next phase of our journey, which includes a genuinely exciting new brewery build in a location that is nothing short of world class. To help us take our vision forward, we need the right people.

To apply, please email a short cover letter and CV to BUYBEER@SIXDNORTH.CO.UK