Beer is what we do. It is what we love and what makes us tick. But it isn’t the only drink we love. Our bars stock a huge range of things that aren’t beer. We have spent time creating drinks lists that cover all corners of the world and as many styles as we can fit on our shelves and in our fridges.


We found our love for beer through the classic styles of Belgium. It was with this feeling in mind that we decided to embrace a classic that rose to popularity, or notoriety, in Belgium’s close neighbours, France.

We have come up with our own spin on the classic style of service. Embrace The Green Fairy!


If you want Gin, we got it. It is currently summer, sometimes, and what better spirit to take the lead for us. We are big fans and have gathered together a great range of Gins in each of our bars. We are especially proud to be stocking local gins in each of our bars spread out across Scotland.


We are a Scottish brewery. We have bars in Scotland. So of course we stock Scotland’s national drink, and yes we also stock Scotland’s other national drink. Whisky is a huge part of our range in our bars but also plays a substantial role at our brewery. We have many ex-whisky casks slowly aging away with all manner of beer inside.

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