We recently introduced residency guest taps in six°north bars. One tap. One brewery. One month. This will allow us to showcase some brilliant breweries on a rotational basis.

For the month of April we’re showcasing Summer Wine Brewery on our residency tap! SW are a smart wee brewery from Holmfirth. They make full-flavoured, modern beers with ‘heart, soul & raging personality’.

We spoke to Summer Wine founder James to find out just what is in that Yorkshire water...

Can you give us some background to Summer Wine? How long have you been brewing? Where does the name come from?

2018 was our 10th birthday brewing from the same site in the Honley valley. Our name comes from our proximity to Holmfirth, home of Last of the Summer Wine. When we’re older you’ll find us racing down hills in an old bath, but for now we’ll just keep making beer.

Which one of your beers best defines Summer Wine as a brewery?

Less an individual beer and more how we make beer. West Coast IPAs are back apparently, but we never stopped making them. We only brew the beers that we like. Sometimes it means we’re way off trend, sometimes it means we’re bang on it! We make clean, clear beer, with bitterness and balance and importantly drinkability! Which sounds like a bunch of nonsense buzzwords, but that’s genuinely how we design our beers. I suppose our Session IPA Pacer typifies what we’re all about.

Yorkshire is a brewing powerhouse, with Summer Wine, North, Magic Rock, Northern Monk & more producing outstanding beer! Is there something in that Yorkshire water?

Yeah, it’s probably a tea bag! Competition breeds improvement, for sure. When you drink one of your pals’ beers and they’ve nailed it, of course it makes you go straight to the drawing board. Rich who owns Magic Rock is often in our taproom, its great to have neighbours like those guys and the others you’ve mentioned. It’s a great part of the world for beer, that’s for sure!

The Summer Wine residency tap launches on 1st April in six°north bars.


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