Earlier this month we launched permanent brewery taps in our bars to showcase some of the best brewers in the UK. Our first tap went to Leeds’ North Brewing.

Our next permanent tap will be launched on 1st April and will be dedicated to Somerset’s Wild Beer Co. Wild have been brewing excellent beers since 2012 and are one of the UK’s most creative breweries. They use wild fermentation & barrel ageing to create complex & exciting flavours!

We had a quick chat with Joel from Wild Beer recently.

Which one of your beers best defines Wild Beer?

That’s easy: Modus! The idea for Modus Operandi started the brewery. Wild yeasts, Barrel-ageing and blending are the cornerstones of everything we do. We still make Modus to this day and have expanded the range with 'Beyond Modus' & 'Iced Modus' which takes the beer to the extremes.

You're known for brewing with some unusual ingredients; 'Of the Sea' was made with lobsters & cockles. Are there any more weird & wonderful brews in the works that might turn a few heads?

We have a passion for food and flavour so taking inspiration from things we taste is always part of our conversation. We are always trialling and trying different ingredients, but we’ll only follow through with the idea if we think it really works! There are beers on the way this year that have been brewed with all sorts of fruits and some unique trials going on that we can’t even talk about yet! Look out for some unique collaboration brews with Alesong, Lindheim and many more later this year!

What upcoming project are you most excited about?

In 2018 it was all about barrel ageing...we debuted our 'Tales From The Wood' campaign. This year, it is all about the fruit! We have always brewed with fruit and recently we realised how many different beers and styles that we have. So in 2019 we are coming up with some amazing fruit releases in all sorts of different styles that push the boundaries of what fruit can do in beer. We love fruit!

What events are you doing this year?

We are hosting our 5th Beer & Cheese festival with Westcombe Dairy on 11th May! It's one of the things we look forward to most every year, It’s a celebration of what we do best at the farm! It's a perfect, simple, family day out featuring knockout food, amazing cheeses, eclectic drinks. This includes three Wild bars, a gin bar, and craft soft drinks. We also have amazing music offering for this year with DJs and live bands.

The Wild Beer permanent tap launches on 1st April in six°north bars.


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